Meals are kept simple and satisfying at Sky Pavilion. The menu contains Sri Lankan and Western dishes. Fresh ingredients are sourced from nearby farmers and local markets. The long rustic table in the dining hall seats up to 11, and the bar and stools provide additional seating with a view.

Use the L shaped deck adjoining the lounge for an al fresco dining experience, breakfast serenaded by birdsong or romantic candle-lit dinner under the stars. A barbeque dinner could be served here for groups of six or more. The chef would be happy to give you an introduction to the spice cupboard and show you how the contents are blended in to Sri Lankan dishes. He will even take you along on a market visit. We do not possess a license for serving liquor, but do feel free to bring your own.

Staying Home

The ever-changing skyscrapes open to every room of Sky Pavilion, could keep you spellbound for hours. Birders will love the constant avian traffic that passes by. Rural life unfolds in villages and river valleys below, as you look down from your Olympian perch in the sky.

The Sky Deck is the place to catch-up on a little sunbathing in private. The binoculars kept handy are a boon to stargazers who desire a more detailed observation of the heavens on a clear starry night. The cozy Sky Lounge furnished with a sofa and easy chairs, is for afternoon teas, curling up with a book, or lazy hours in front of the large 3D television, to enjoy cable TV or movies from your i-pod. We do not keep tabs on tea or coffee, so indulge as you wish. Piped music and Wi-Fi facilities are available throughout the house.