Directions to Sky Pavilion from Kandy Town

From Kandy Town, drive around the Kandy Lake along Sangaraja Mawatha. Turn right in to Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha from the point where the road leads to the back entrance of the Kandy Temple (now closed with a barrier). Drive along Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, passing Thilanka hotel, Buwelikada junction,Buwelikada petrol shed , up to the junction which take off to Lewella. Thereafter drive along the A26 Hewaheta Road towards Thennekumbura. In Thalwatte locate Chandana Kumara GamageMawatha on your right side. At the turn you could see a war monument and this is a good landmark to keep in mind. The road is also known as KII Road by people around here.  Drive along this road taking a bend near Senkada Rest, and again near Gemini Inn, arriving at the 3rd bend near a large Buddha Statue by the roadside. Sky Pavilion is just 100 m away from this bend, curving right. If you call ahead on +94 77 025 8258 or +94 77 244 9800, someone from the villa will meet you and accompany you from this point.Or call +94 81 495 3727

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Cumulative Kilometers (KM)

Set up Odometer at beginning of Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha


At Buwelikda Junction


At Buwelikada Petrol station


At Turn off to Lewella Junction


Turn off to Chandana Kumara GamageMawatha ( known as KII Road) in Thalwatta


At the Buddha Statue


At Sky Pavilion


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