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About us

The luxury villa is designed to maximize the advantages of the elevation, creating a magical space that gives a feeling of being up among the clouds, hence the tagline, “Clouds for company”. The living areas of the house are on three levels, and contain four bedrooms with attached bathrooms, lounge, dining hall, and three open decks, all with enchanting views spanning parts of three districts. The house is furnished simply and comfortably in a muted colour scheme which complements the glorious cloud canvas outside.

The interesting lighting system was inspired by the starlit night sky and bright pinpricks of light from the valley in the evenings. All rooms are air-conditioned. Green thinking takes precedence here. The house is powered by solar panels and features a net meter capable of adding surplus energy to the national grid. The LED lights used throughout the house seek to minimize our carbon footprint. The height that creates the views and moods comes with the necessity for climbing, and is therefore not recommended to those for whom steps can be a challenge, as the building has no wheelchair access.

Our doctor stays on call at all times.